PM reveals his views on climate change

Prime Minister Bill English has confirmed he definitely believes in man-made climate change, having previously been less than emphatic about the cause of global warming.

He's also leaving the door ajar for a major ministerial job for Winston Peters or his successor if Peters becomes kingmaker at this year's election.

Stepping up from Finance Minister to Prime Minister means more responsibility and personal opinions mean much more too.

When asked on Monday if he believes climate change is happening, Mr English said "ah yes I think it does occur."

But in March 2013, Mr English's opinion was different.

Russel Norman asked "does he accept that human-induced climate change is real? To which Mr English replied "well Mr Speaker it may well be."

When Newshub asked Mr English again seven months later, he simply said "look there's some impact."

Before his resignation John Key said he'd prioritise raising climate change with incoming US President Donald Trump.

Mr English hasn't yet decided if he'll do the same.

"Look I haven't considered those issues simply because it looks like [it will be] some time before I'll be in a position to raise those issues," Mr English said.

President-elect Trump has previously rubbished global warming.

With the world as it is - the incoming Foreign Affairs Minister will have their work cut out for them.

Murray McCully leaves after this year's election and National or Labour may find they need New Zealand First to form a Government.

If Winston Peters is kingmaker, the job could be up for grabs.

Peters has held the role before and at 71 years old he's not getting any younger.

Mr English has been around the Parliamentary traps a long time - but has never made it this far to Prime Minister.

It means his views on global issues like climate change and Mr Trump take on new importance, so the prospect of a Winston Peters type character as a future foreign affairs wingman will be giving English a headache.