Quick-fire quiz: How well do Jacinda and Julie Anne know Mt Albert?

Labour's Jacinda Ardern and Green MP Julie Anne Genter are running in the Mt Albert by-election - but how well do they know their electorate?

Both attended the joint Labour-Greens 'State of the Nation' address on Sunday, where Newshub gave each of them a quick-fire quiz.

Ms Ardern came out on top, correctly answering four of the five questions, and Ms Genter came one point behind on three.

The questions

What is Mt Albert named after?

Jacinda: "Because of the geology, the mountain."

Julie Anne: "It was named after Albert. I'm not sure which one."

(Correct answer: Queen Victoria's husband - Prince Consort Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.)

How much is an average three-bedroom home in Mt Albert?

Jacinda: "Ahhhh $1,090,000 based on the statistics that I saw."

Julie Anne: "I don't know according to December Barfoot figures, but I reckon it's around a million."

(Answer: $1,097,722, according to Barfoot.)

What is the Maori name for Mt Albert?

Jacinda: "Owairaka."

Julie Anne: "Owairaka."

(Answer: Owairaka.)

What is the average family income in Mt Albert?

Jacinda: "Ahhh, it's 90, ahhh it's in the range of $90,000."

Julie Anne: "I would put it somewhere between $50,000 - $60,000."

(Answer: $97,100.)

What percentage of the vote did your party get in Mt Albert at the last election?

Jacinda: "We came second. We got in the um, high 20s."

Julie Anne: "We got... 21.5 percent of the party vote at the last election."

(Answer for Jacinda: 29.45 percent)

(Answer for Julie Anne: 21.78 percent)

We also threw in a bonus question to both candidates.

Where is the best coffee shop in Mt Albert?

Jacinda: "There are so many good ones to choose from. Peel to Pip Cafe I've been going to a lot, but also Craves Community Cafe, I've been going to that one too. But so many good ones."    

Julie Anne: "There's quite a few really good coffee spots. There's some in Kingsland along Sandringham Rd, there's a place called Okra which is fantastic. And there's a place up on Owairaka Rd on the corner of Owairaka and Mt Albert Rd called L'Oeuf."