Should the classic Kiwi summer be moved?

Prime Minister Bill English has poured cold water on United Future leader Peter Dunne's crusade against classic Kiwi summer holidays.

Mr Dunne is continuing his efforts, launching an online poll to gauge interest in the idea of moving summer school holildays to a time with better weather.

"Our weather patterns are changing and we are increasingly seeing our dreams of a sunny BBQ at a beach turn into keeping the kids at home while weather bombs explode around the country," Mr Dunne says.

"Then, come February when the sun comes out, we all send the kids back to school, to hot and stuffy classrooms."

However Mr English says he's lukewarm on the plan.

"It's understandable when so many families have probably got a bit of cabin fever with the bad weather, but maybe it's a bit impracticable," he says.

This summer has been far from perfect weather-wise, with Cardrona even getting mid-summer dumping of snow.

On Wednesday, Mr Dunne told RadioLIVE he'd like to see a short Christmas break, with schools and businesses having their long holiday period between mid-February and mid-March.

He thinks there's a lot of support for the idea, and those who say they're against it are "pretty half-hearted".

The change would mean schools need to re-jig their terms times and Mr Dunne didn't think it would impact on New Zealand's booming tourism industry.



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