Australian Greens say if Trump was a rapper he wouldn't be allowed in


Australian Greens have argued that if US President Donald Trump was a rapper he could be denied entry to Australia on character grounds for the promotion of sexism and racism, The Australian reported.

The Greens will attempt to amend migration laws to allow for the cancelling of visas and deporting foreign heads of state and governments on character grounds.

Senator Nick McKim will move the amendment today when the Senate debates migration legislation.

Mr McKim told The Australian that the issue was brought to the fore with Mr Trump becoming president.

"Let's face it, if Donald Trump was a rapper he would not pass a character test due to his green lighting of sexual assault on women, mocking people with disabilities, his racism and contempt for the rule of law."

The proposal has been condemned by former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr.

Mr Carr told Sky News it failed to comprehend the mechanics of international diplomacy.