David Seymour: The life of ACT and of the party

David Seymour flat party Wellington
David Seymour (second from left) impressed partygoers by accepting an invitation to this flat party on Wednesday night (Supplied).

ACT leader David Seymour has begun his political campaigning early by attending a flat party hosted by group of Wellington university students. 

The party was held in the suburb of Newtown on Wednesday night and was a celebration of the students' new podcast channel Get Your Hands off my Dogcast, as well as a belated birthday party. 

Liam Dennis, who attended the party, said the bash was made up of many "politically minded folk" and he was pleased the politician made an appearance. 

Mr Seymour said he had come straight from an official state dinner and had done a 14-hour day before cracking into a couple of beers and some "political yarns".

"I'm one of the youngest MPs and it's a way of getting to know them [students]," he told Newshub.  

Mr Dennis said the politician had a "pilsner, and then gingerly accepted a Lion Brown after being surprised anyone still drunk it".

Mr Seymour said young adults are interested in politics,but don't always know how to get engaged. 

The topics young people bring up with him include the housing market, the lack of properties to rent, issues involving the LGBT community, women's right and decriminalising cannabis.

This isn't the first time Mr Seymour has been doing his rounds, by popping in to say "hi" ahead of the elections. Last year he did a similar flat visit to a student flat in October 2016. 

"They turned out to be quite good cooks. Some guys who live across the road were having a flat warming and I had a few drinks and a yarn", he said.

Mr Seymour said he wanted to say cheers for the hospitality and was keen to do more visits for anyone wanting to add him to their VIP list in the future.