English has first discussion with Trump

Prime Minister Bill English has had his first chat with US President Donald Trump.

The call came around midday (NZT) and lasted around 15 minutes, while Mr English was in the middle of Waitangi Day celebrations - and before the SuperBowl kicks off in the US.

Mr English says they discussed the New Zealand economy as well as trade, security and defence relationships - however the possibility of a bilateral trade deal between the nations, after Mr Trump ditched the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, "didn't come up".

"It was a warm and friendly conversation," he says.

During the call Mr English thanked Mr Trump for the US support during the Kaikoura earthquake, which was organised by the Obama administration.

He also reiterated his disapproval of Mr Trump's executive order restricting travel for people from seven countries, which has already faced legal battles.

"I said to him what I've said publicly, that we don't agree with the policies and it's not something we'd put in place," Mr English says.

"I think he noted our views but I don't think he's surprised by people having a different view."

Mr English says Mr Trump invited him to visit the White House, however Mr English doesn't think it's likely to happen before the election.

Earlier on Monday morning, Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett said the conversation would likely traverse a number of issues including trade and climate change.

"Obviously trade is strong and we want to continue trying to keep that door open in what the next stage in that conversation might be.

"I'm the minister of climate change so that's foremost on my mind. Nearly 200 countries signed up to a treaty that says we will reduce emissions and I think it's important America still looks at what part they play in that and that is certainly their call as to how they do it.

"They matter in the world and matter to our atmosphere here so I'm hoping those are conversations we can continue," she said.

Mr English says climate change "didn't come up" in their discussion.

The chat lasted only half as long as when Mr Trump called Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - and hung up on him.

"I'm sure he thinks it was a fantastic call. Certainly he thinks very highly of New Zealand," Mr English says.

"He likes the idea that we're a long way away and so we're not under the same pressures as everyone else."

The White House says Mr Trump and Mr English "affirmed the close friendship and bilateral alliance between the US and New Zealand".

"The two leaders discussed regional issues, including challenges to peace and security, and the President affirmed to the Prime Minister the US commitment to strong and active engagement in Asia," it said in a statement.

"President Trump expressed appreciation for New Zealand's significant contributions to international peace and security concerns."