English 'not nervous' about Trump call despite Turnbull drama

Prime Minister Bill English isn't nervous about his upcoming chat on the phone with Donald Trump despite it not going so well for his Australian counterpart.

Malcolm Turnbull's phone call with the President was leaked, revealing a heated conversation cut short by Mr Trump, who  called it "the worst call by far" of his conversations with world leaders that day.

A source later told CNN Mr Trump had been left fatigued by his first major round of diplomatic phone calls.

But Mr English isn't fazed if his phone call is leaked too.

"It's possible, but I'm not worried about it."

Mr English says he has "no reason to believe it won't be a civil and maybe direct conversation".

"I'm not nervous. We'd expect to maintain the very good relationship we have with the US."

He plans to raise issues on which the two countries disagree, "particularly recent issues".

The possibility of the President taking to Twitter after their phone call to air any dissatisfaction also didn't bother Mr English.

"If political communication is changing in the US, we're still doing it the same way."

Mr Turnbull's conversation with Mr Trump lasted 25 minutes of the scheduled hour, but Mr English says he doesn't expect that.

"Oh I'd be surprised if we had a 25 minute phone call. That's not my experience with the other leaders."

He wouldn't comment on whether he thought Mr Turnbull was treated with dignity.

The preparation for his phone call would be the same as if he was talking to the Prime Minister of Samoa, he says.

Mr English says he hasn't seen the letter his office received from Mr Trump overnight, but he's told it "recognises the strength of the relationship and indicates the administration is keen to work with us".