Govt to build 69,000 homes in Auckland

Prime Minister Bill English has revealed the Government intends to build another 69,000 houses in Auckland, including large-scale developments in Mt Roskill and Avondale.

Mr English said the housing would be a mix of social housing and for private sale.

"It highlights the importance of the Unitary Plan," he says.

"It's still yet to be understood what a significant change in the opportunity in housing the plan represented, when it was finalised only in the later part of last year.

"Under the old plan the Government stock of 27,000 could've been grown to 30,000, under the signed-off plan, that could grow to 60,000."

The Government will free up the land, with private companies doing the building.

Mr English said foreign companies were already interested because of the scale, and an "influx" of foreign labour would also be required.

"We welcome them, we welcome the expertise, we welcome the people, we need to get more of this done," he says.