Labour member's anti-Willie Jackson letter disappears

Labour Party candidate Willie Jackson (Newshub.)
Labour Party candidate Willie Jackson (Newshub.)

An open online letter written to Labour's ruling council pleading for new candidate Willie Jackson to be removed has disappeared.

The letter was written in a Google Doc by a paid-up party member, and was circulated via social media. Hundreds of people signed the document in solidarity against Mr Jackson’s selection.

However, the link to the letter now takes users to a file that "does not exist".

The letter said Mr Jackson represents the "past, not the future of Labour" and raised four main concerns:

  • his "abhorrent" Roast Busters interview
  • a lack of "courage to fight homophobia"
  • his advocacy for charter schools, which Labour want to abolish
  • his selection would create a greater gender imbalance in Labour's caucus

"Allowing Jackson to represent our Party flies in the face of survivors of sexual violence, and the policies Labour seeks to put in place to improve justice system processes for complainants," the letter said.

The letter claimed to be from "inside Young Labour", however Young Labour president Nevada Lee-Mariu told Newshub it was created by a single member and was not endorsed by the youth wing of the party.

Mr Jackson was announced as a list-only candidate for this year's election by Labour leader Andrew Little at Waitangi on Saturday.

It prompted outrage from the party’s Christchurch Central MP Poto Williams, who spoke out against the appointment via a press release and a post on her Facebook page, which still remains.

On Wednesday, Newshub revealed Ms Williams hired a private PR company to craft the statement.  


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