Labour supports tests for tourists - but at odds over how

A driving test for longer-staying tourists is "impractical", but an online test could do the trick to curb foreign driver crashes,  Labour leader Andrew Little says.

But he's at odds with the party's transport spokesperson Sue Moroney, who says tourists staying in New Zealand for longer than six months should have to sit a practical test.

She did not think those staying in New Zealand for less than three months should have their skills tested.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Mr Little said there should be a proper induction for tourists staying longer than three months, and it may be that they sit a test before hiring a rental vehicle.

"I think there is a case to say there has got to be good, effective induction at the time they pick up the vehicle. 

"If they buy a vehicle, it's a lot harder, but if they are renting a vehicle it is a lot easier to require the rental companies to put in place an induction that gives a better familiarity to our roads."

He said he suspects that rental companies will only want to implement change if legislation is put in place.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is being presented with a petition on Tuesday calling for driver licence tests for tourists staying longer than three months.

Mr Peters told The AM Show on Tuesday the Government has a "cavalier" attitude toward foreign drivers and must not "worship the god of tourism".

Interim data from the Ministry of Transport shows 22 people were killed as a result of foreign drivers' actions in 2016.

There were a total of 328 road deaths in New Zealand last year.

Watch the video to see Andrew Little taking questions from media on tourist drivers.