National MP condemns Trump's ban, but PM won't

National MP Chester Borrows has publicly condemned the immigration ban enacted by US President Donald Trump.

It's a stronger stance on the issue compared to that of Prime Minister Bill English - who has only gone as far as "disagreeing" with the ban.

The Whanganui MP spoke at a Muslim and Refugee Solidarity Rally in Whanganui on Monday, where he lambasted the President's crackdown on foreigners.

"We stand together with the rest of the world to condemn and resist President Trump's discriminatory policy," he told the crowd.

He even promised that Mr English would come down hard on President Trump during their first phone call, which happened that afternoon.

"Probably about now, their president is talking to our Prime Minister who's telling him exactly that.

"Donald Trump's executive order to impose a temporary block on immigrants from seven muslim-majority countries is a direct attack on conscience, choice, and religion," he says.

It's a big step beyond Mr English's view, which is to "disagree with it and not implement a policy like that".

"We haven't used that word (condemn). I think it's quite straightforward that we disagree with it. People know what that means," he said today.

Mr English was also questioned about it during Question Time by Labour MP David Parker. 

Mr Borrows says he is standing by his comments.