National unveils new logo

national party logo new zealand election

The National Party has refreshed its logo in preparation for this year's general election under leader Bill English.

But advertising expert Mike Hutcheson didn't think the party went to great lengths with the re-design.

"It's modest, conventional and understandable.

"In the end, your logo will come to mean what you want it to mean, it's really what the brand stands for and they need to put some effort into re-defining who they and what they stand for," he says.

Mr Hutcheson also used the words "uninspiring" and "solid" to describe the logo.

All of the party's social media and website have switched over to a design which is a more modern single white 'N' which stands before a background of different shades of blue.

The logo has lost its red colour, with three white stars and one blue in the 'N' representing the Southern Cross.

It's a marked departure from the previous logo - a white N outlined with blue, with four red stars.

national party politics election new zealand logo

Mr Hutcheson says the italicised font made the party seem more progressive, but it had become dated over the decades.

However, the new design hadn't "surpassed it".

"It's about New Zealand, you've got the Southern Cross, you've got the flag, and in case you're confused about what the N stands for you've got the word there for people who can read."

He says he would have left the logo as just the N and the stars.