Politicians' acting skills honoured at inaugural The Project Poscars

With this year's Oscars honouring the great and good of showbiz, The Project has decided it's time we had our own awards to celebrate achievement in arguably the greatest showbiz of all - New Zealand politics.

So, they've handed out the inaugural Poscars.

First up, Best Performance in a Not-Quite-Leading-Role went to Labour's Jacinda Ardern.

"For her amazing depiction of a woman with apparently no leadership aspirations after winning the Mt Albert by-election," co-host Jesse Mulligan said.

Ms Ardern won the by-election by more than 8500 votes on Sunday, but says she doesn't have her eye on a party promotion.

"My view is whatever the Caucus and the team needs for me, that's what I'm going to do," she told The AM Show.

"At the moment we've had great, stable leadership from Andrew."

Labour leader Andrew Little was praised by The Project hosts for his "great supporting performance on by-election night" - where he firmly told reporters there was "no vacancy" for Ms Ardern to be moving up the ranks.

"Not planning on any changes," he said, with Ms Ardern standing by his side.

"He deserves an award for achieving a new level of awkward without special effects," Mulligan added.

Finally, the Best Supporting Actor award went to New Zealand First's Ron Mark.

"For this convincing portrayal of a man who actually finds Winston Peters funny," co-host Kanoa Lloyd said.

The incident in question was Mr Mark bursting into laughter and applauding fiercely after Mr Peters told a joke in Parliament.

But for the politicians who missed out, there's always next year - Mulligan hinted they plan to make the Poscars a regular segment.