Trump call: Green Party slams PM for silence on climate change

Green Party co-leader James Shaw
Green Party co-leader James Shaw says there's a lack of leadership on climate change (Simon Wong/File)

The Green Party's slammed Prime Minister Bill English for his failure to take up the issue of climate change with US President Donald Trump.

It wasn't discussed during their 15 minute phone conversation yesterday and Greens co-leader James Shaw says it further reflects National's lack of leadership on climate change.

"Trump's views on climate change are well advertised - he's a complete denialist. Given that Bill English has also been very late to the party on climate change, I can't imagine they had very much to talk about," Mr Shaw told Newshub.

"After eight years of the National Government, during which time our emissions have gone relentlessly up, you're not going to get a Government who is serious about climate change until you change the Government."

Mr Shaw says carbon emissions have increased by 20 percent under National.

But Bill English told Mike and Trudi on RadioLIVE that the call went well.

"It was a friendly and civil conversation. The President was enthusiastic about New Zealand, and we talked about a number of things that were on his mind and my mind. It was an enjoyable conversation.