Trump-English chat one of few positive calls

US President Donald Trump's recent calls with foreign leaders has created doubts about his style of diplomacy - but Prime Minister Bill English is one of the few to have ended the call on his good side.

Leaked reports of Mr Trump's calls have shown his frustration with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, ending with Mr Trump taking to Twitter decrying a "dumb deal" organised with the country regarding refugees.

He also ranted to French President Francois Hollande about the US being taken advantage of by organisations such as NATO, according to Politico.

In comparison, Mr English insisted his chat with Mr Trump was "warm and friendly".

"I'm sure he thinks it was a fantastic call. Certainly he thinks very highly of New Zealand," Mr English said after the call.

"He likes the idea that we're a long way away and so we're not under the same pressures as everyone else."

Two people familiar with the talks told Politico the positive call could be attributed to "personal chemistry".

"New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English began his Sunday evening call with Trump by thanking the President for taking the time to talk during the Super Bowl and chatting about New Zealand golfer Bob Charles, said someone briefed on the call," the report says.

"The person said that set the tone for an amicable conversation, even though English went on to express disagreement with Trump's executive order restricting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries."

Mr English said Mr Trump invited him to drop by the White House for a visit, however Mr English doesn't think it's likely to happen before the election.

The White House praised the call in a statement, saying the two leaders "affirmed the close friendship and bilateral alliance between the US and New Zealand".

It's a far cry from our Australian counterpart - Mr Trump reportedly hung up on Mr Turnbull at the end of their 30-minute chat.