1080 doesn't work - NZ First

  • 16/03/2017
Winston Peters (Simon Wong/Newshub.)
Winston Peters (Simon Wong/Newshub.)

New Zealand First has come out opposed to 1080, saying if it's part of the next Government it will work to stop it being used.

Party leader Winston Peters says they won't compromise pest control, but he believes there is evidence 1080 is not working.

"1080 has been spread all across this country for nearly 60 years, yet we still have the problems it is meant to have solved," Mr Peters said.

"Clearly it isn't working, clearly it is causing serious harm to our native species, our people, our ecosystem, our environment, and our international reputation, and clearly something has to be done."

He says that on gaining office NZ First will:

  • immediately provide adequate resourcing for, and initiate, trapping and other ground-based measures for pest control, in all areas where this is known to be feasible
  • immediately allocate adequate resourcing, and initiate proper and urgent research, into alternatives to 1080
  • before any further aerial application of 1080 is permitted, resource and initiate comprehensive and accurate surveys to ascertain both native and pest populations in areas currently regarded as "inaccessible", in order to justify, or exclude, any possible recommencement or continuation of the aerial application of 1080, or its alternatives, in these areas
  • ensure that all pest control activities are optimised around turning adversity into opportunity, by maximising the economic potential of pest animals through the harvesting of fur and meat, and the provision of both regional employment and export earnings.

In 2011 Dr Jan Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, released a report on 1080 concluding more of it should be used to save native bird populations.

NZN / Newshub.