1Law4All Party makes push to abolish Waitangi Tribunal

A political movement labelled by some as driven by extreme right-wing racism is upping the ante ahead of this year's election.

A flyer drop promoting both an anti-separatist book and the 1Law4All Party has angered one Labour candidate, who says New Zealand is past it.

Thousands of households received the flyer titled "One Treaty, one nation", and Labour's Willie Jackson is not happy with its message.

"[It's a] load of nonsense - racist rhetoric again and so similar to the Pauline Hansen One Nation rubbish that's coming out of Australia," he says.

The flyer says Māori have benefited from colonisation, making the claim that it lifted them out of a violent, Stone Age existence. It calls for the Waitangi Tribunal to be abolished, and for voters to avoid anyone who believes in so-called race-based privileges.

Kingsland residents were shocked by the flyer.

"I read it and tore it up and stuck it in the recycling bin. I was a bit distressed about it," one local says.

"I felt like it was trying to stir within some people that some are getting more than others," added another.

"It's so, so racist."

John McLean, who owns Tross Publishing, is the man behind the flyers, which also promote his book.

"The chiefs ceded the entire country's sovereignty to Queen Victoria, and the idea of co-governance and partnership is a new idea that's only been invented about 170 years later," he says.

Don Brash, who wrote one of the chapters in Mr McLean's book, is defending the stance.

"It's bizarre in New Zealand. If you argue for the same standard of citizenship for everybody, you get called a racist," he says.

Mr McLean says hundreds of thousands of flyers have been put in letterboxes across the North Island.

He says they've been dropped by volunteers who support his cause, and the 1Law4All political movement.

The party is also promoted in the flyer. Its vice president in a statement says the movement has been "historically ignored by mainstream media, except when it suited the purpose to refer to the party as some sort of anachronistic, subversive, racist redneck group".

1Law4All deregistered as a political party in 2015, but says it is upping the ante ahead of this year's election.