Conservative Party leader Leighton Baker savaged in Reddit AMA

Conservative Party leader Leighton Baker savaged in Reddit AMA
Is Mr Baker a secret fan of the "Hitachi magic wand"? (Supplied)

Conservative Party leader Leighton Baker has been savaged in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'.

Mr Baker did the question and answer session on Tuesday, which he said was "about you asking me questions, but also about me hearing the things that concern you. There will be differences but also overlaps. Looking forward to it."

He was quickly hit by several critical questions and comments.

"Do you write poetry?" AshtrayRollup asked, referring to former leader Colin Craig's famous poem to his ex secretary Rachel MacGregor.

Mr Baker replied with his best effort.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I like Makita and Hitachi too," he said.

An amused commenter noted they were also a fan of the "Hitachi magic wand".

Mr Baker adroitly sidestepped a question on whether he believed in anthropogenic (manmade) climate change.

"The argument with anthropogenic climate change has caused division and allowed people to do nothing rather than addressing the real question which is 'are we polluting our environment?'" he replied.

Reddit commenters were less than impressed.

"That was a f***ing bizarre question for him to dodge," one person said.

"He didn't understand 'anthropogenic' and it took him a long time to Google it," another sniped.

Mr Baker's tax plans were also unappreciated. When asked what his views were, he said:

"Tax is necessary to the running of the government. We are currently looking at a new tax system that we believe will be a more just and fair system. We have a team of professionals costing this up now and we hope to announce the full policy in the next month."

This was translated by -dv_vb- as: "We have a tax plan. A plan that will repeal and replace the current tax system. The best tax plan. Tremendous tax plan. Tremendous folk are working on this tax plan let me tell you."

The community was even more scathing on Mr Baker's views on gay marriage and internet pornography.

However, while he may not have won many converts, he left on a gracious note.

"THANKS everyone for taking part in a great AMA! Unfortunately that's all we have time for tonight, but please do visit our website,"     he said.

"We have active chapters all over the country so get in touch to find one close to you. Whatever your values are remember to vote this September! Party Vote Conservative!"