'Flexi-Super' in mix for retirement age change

Under the policy, people would choose when they'd get superannuation (Istock)
Under the policy, people would choose when they'd get superannuation (Istock)

Bill English’s proposed changes to the retirement age could involve "Flexi-Super", where people decide at what age they'll start receiving the pension.

On Monday, he told The AM Show any changes would be "reasonable and not drastic".

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne told Newshub he's expecting a call from the Prime Minister to talk about his idea.

"He indicated that he'd be wanting to talk to me about it. I'm very keen to have those discussions, but they haven't taken place today," he said.

When asked to rank on a scale of one to 10 how confident he is the Government would adopt the policy, Mr Dunne said: "I've got to say north of five."

"Well if the Government is serious about a long-term comprehensive solution, it’s going to have to address this issue. If it's just wanting to make short-term cost saving then I think it’s going to buy a political fight for itself right across the spectrum," he said.

"So I think if its serious, and I get every sense that Mr English is serious, then I've got to therefore be optimistic about the outcome."

United Future managed to win over the Government to initiate discussion document on Flexi-Super in 2013, but since then the issue has been stagnant - former Prime Minister John Key said he'd resign before he made any changes to superannuation.

However, now that Mr English is Prime Minister he's promising to let the country know "shortly" what his plans are.

And Mr Dunne is optimistic his policy will make the cut.

"In light of his comments this morning where he raised the issue of Flexi-Super I would certainly expect to be able to have that discussion with him before final decisions are made," he said.

But the United Future leader is out of the loop on when the discussions or any policy announcements might take place.

"It's not clear whether he’s talking about making decisions at some point in the future or in a much shorter timeframe."