Gareth Morgan's The Opportunities Party are calling for candidates

The Opportunities Party are calling for candidates
Gareth Morgan (Newshub)

Gareth Morgan's The Opportunities Party (TOP) is calling for candidates - but he says he's pretty picky and "political careerists need not apply".

Launched in November last year, the party promises to "light a fuse" under the Beehive.

On Monday the party was officially registered by the Electoral Commission, and now TOP are calling for nominations on their website.

Mr Morgan is a businessman, economist, and philanthropist. His party pits itself as non-Establishment.

"For us this exercise is all about putting some grunt into political progress in our country, shaking the Establishment parties out of their inertia and getting go forward.

We're not entering parliament to make up the numbers, to tread water and mark time. For us it's forward or not at all  no political careerists need apply."

Mr Morgan is not so keen on electorate candidates, he wants to have list candidates as "it's the nationwide social and economic challenges that have always rocked my boat".

He's been surprised to see "quite a few people come forward who quite high calibre but are connected to particular electorates".

"I've decided if we get electorate candidates that are of sufficient quality then sure, why don't we run in those electorates. But they're going to have to be pretty outstanding".

TOP haven't decided on how many candidates the party will stand in electorates, or whether they will stand any at all.

Mr Morgan is more interested in national issues but says "I've had to eat humble pie".

He's not sure how many nominations to expect or what kind of calibre they will be, and stressed to Newshub that he's pretty picky about candidates.

 "I want people who can contribute their expertise, and there's these issues which I have raised which are pretty heavy issues but very significant for New Zealand".

"You know I'm not looking for, how do I put this, I'm not looking for taxi drivers with big mouths".

They need to share the party's vision, be willing to take risks and make a strong contribution. He doesn't want "recycles from other parties" or "people who just want a job".

TOP has so far announced five of its 'TOP 7' seven priority policies, and say that they'll work with whoever is the Government of the day.