Green MP scorns John Key's 'disgusting legacy' after valedictory speech

  • 22/03/2017

While former Prime Minister John Key gave his valedictory speech on Wednesday, not everyone will be sorry to see him go.

Green MP Steffan Browning scorned Mr Key's "disgusting legacy", posting an image of a glass full of a pale red liquid on his desk in Parliament.

"Thought John Key might like a little more blood for his valedictory speech, the day that we get confirmation of the raid he approved was responsible for innocent civilian deaths," he wrote.

The raid in question was one in Afghanistan in 2010, which was allegedly personally approved by Mr Key and killed six civilians including a three-year-old, according to new book Hit & Run.

The Government and Defence Force have continued to deny any New Zealand SAS troops killed civilians in the raid, but weren't ruling out that forces from other countries did.

But former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp admitted on Wednesday the tragedy may have occurred.

"One of the disasters of war is that these things can happen," he told Newshub.

Mr Browning uploaded the post to Facebook on Wednesday evening (supplied)
Mr Browning uploaded the post to Facebook on Wednesday evening (supplied)

Mr Browning's post was made on his private Facebook page, not his verified MP page - but he did tell Newshub earlier on Wednesday he wouldn't be looking back on Mr Key's time fondly.

"I don't have a favourite memory of John Key, and I'm alarmed he's not being held to account on the issue with our part in the wars in the Middle East - Afghanistan in particular," he said.

"There's nothing too good at all."