John Key: Forget Crown limos, I'm using Uber now

Without all the trappings of the Prime Minister's office, John Key now has to fend for himself - and it's been a jolt back to reality.

"So far I haven't missed any planes but I've been very close. I'm no longer in those fantastic silver cars driven by VIPs so I've been learning Uber, I've downloaded the app."

"I've had to fend for myself it's been quite different," he said in an interview with Newshub political editor Patrick Gower.

There's some pretty surprised Uber drivers and "generally it ends with a selfie and a bit of talk about politics in New Zealand".

Mr Key noted that so far he'd proved a popular passenger with Uber drivers, earning a 4.83 rating.

Uber passengers and drivers score each out of five after each journey on the ride-sharing service.


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