Kicked for touch: No cash for Auckland stadium

Phil Goff's push for a new stadium in Auckland appears dead in the water.

Auckland Council has commissioned PwC to investigate potential sites for the $1 billion project, with the city's Mayor keen for something alongside Vector Arena.

"We need to scope out what's going to happen in 15 years' time, when either there'll be a quarter of a billion dollars spent on Eden Park to replace the north stand, or we would have to look at alternatives," he told The Nation on Saturday. "One of the alternatives often talked about is a CBD stadium."

The venture would likely need significant government input - largely in the form of cash - but the Prime Minister has all-but kicked the idea to touch.

"Our position hasn't changed," Bill English told The AM Show on Monday.

"Our top priority right now is this billion-dollar housing infrastructure fund, which we're in intense negotiations with the council about right now. That's going to take all our attention and cash for a while."

This time last year, Mr English's predecessor John Key said he liked the idea, but the Government wouldn't be putting any money towards it.

Mr English says the council has not asked the Government for its input.

"It hasn't been raised with us. It's not a high priority. We're not aiming to put money into it."

Eden Park's residential location means it can only hold 21 night events a year, and Mr Goff says $250 million will need to spent on it in the next 15 years to keep it up to scratch.

He's floated the idea of selling it to pay for a new stadium.

PwC's report is due back mid-year, NZME reports.