Labour MP regrets call to scalp toupee killer


Labour MP Stuart Nash has conceded he went too far with his calls to scalp convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith. 

The Labour police spokesman posted on Facebook to say the judge had got it completely wrong by granting Smith's legal bid to have his confiscated hairpiece returned. 

"What on earth is going on when a judge rules that a convicted murderer and paedophile's freedom of expression was ignored and that his rights had been breached because Corrections took his hairpiece?" the MP said.

"He has no rights!! He sexually abused a young boy and then 4 years later stabbed this boy's father to death as the man tried to protect his son!"

The latter part of the Facebook post landed Mr Nash in hot water calling effectively calling for Smith to be scalped.

"Scalping is associated with American Indians but it was actually started by Europeans.

"Perhaps someone in jail who isn't too fond of monsters who destroy little boys lives by stealing their innocence in the worst way possible could reintroduce Mr Smith to the practise."

The post was later deleted however Mr Nash has responded to the initial post saying his wife told him it wasn't the kind of statement an MP should be making and may have gone a bit far.

Smith, who escaped to South America in 2014, is serving a life sentence for the murder of the father of a 12-year-old boy he had been assaulting.

Smith was able to escape whilst wearing his hairpiece but was recaptured in Rio de Janerio weeks later.

Mr Nash has more than 2700 likes on his Facebook page.