Lloyd Burr: Jacinda's on-air comfort stop a political masterstroke

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern just did something revolutionary.

I would go so far as to call it a political masterstroke.

She walked out of a Facebook Live interview because she needed to use the bathroom.

When was the last time a politician did that?

"I need to take a wee...break," the new deputy leader of Labour said.

No coded language, no fake pleasantries.

She could have said "I have another appointment" or "We need to wrap this up", but instead she just blurted out she needed to use the dunny.

It was hilarious. It was down to earth. It was normal.

And it would have resonated really well with voters: she's human and, shock horror, has those moments when the call of nature is just so great that nothing in the world matters as much as that white porcelain throne.

Any other politician would have made up some lame excuse.

Yes, it's an unorthodox thing for me to focus on, but it spoke volumes about the real Jacinda.

It cut through the young, hip, woman-about-Auckland polish she has developed, and showed in the most Kiwi way that she's just one of the people.

Lloyd Burr is a Newshub political reporter.