'My generation will pick up the tab' - Ardern attacks Govt super plan

Baby Boomers are the first target of attack for Labour's brand new deputy leader Jacinda Ardern, who says the Government's plans to raise the retirement age sticks it to the younger generation.

Ms Ardern won the unanimous support of the Labour caucus for the role, Andrew Little announced on Tuesday.

Ms Ardern said she was grateful for the support of her colleagues.

"I had an opportunity to touch base with everyone before the vote and had some great conversations and feel really buoyed by the support the team's giving me for this job."

Directly afterwards, in response to a question about whether she could bring in the younger vote, Ardern made a direct attack on the Government's plan to raise the superannuation age and how it unfairly favours Baby Boomers.

"I believe our ideas will bring in the younger voters.

"In stark contrast to what we saw yesterday, they basically said anyone from 1972 will be paying for the cost of Bill English not putting in any contributions to save for people's future retirement. That's already a generation who have paid for their own education and who are looking at not being able to own their own home as well."

She says Labour will make contributions to the savings scheme to ensure retirement is affordable.

"Bill English has not done that, he's delayed contributions to the Super fund and he's essentially said it's my generation that's going to pick up the tab."

Meanwhile, Bill English lined up an attack on the opposition parties, calling them shortsighted in their opposition to raising the Super age.

"They see it as a big political issue as it used to be in the past but I think the public's moved on.

"The Labour Party are out of touch with the confidence and resilience of New Zealanders, the public know this change was inevitable."

He said John Key needed to hold back on raising the Super in order to "re-establish trust" with New Zealanders.

"We are building on the trust John Key earned by putting his job on the line."