NZ First proposes demerit points system to combat youth crime

  • 31/03/2017
Youth crime
NZ First says it would be similar to the system used for traffic offences (file)

NZ First wants a demerit points system introduced for youth offenders that imposes increasingly severe penalties.

MP Darroch Ball has drafted a Member's Bill that will go into the ballot.

"In the current youth justice system, large numbers of youth think they can get away scot-free and face few, if any, real consequences," he said.

"Our new demerit points system will combat that - there will be tiered levels of consequences depending on the type of crime and the number of demerit points accrued."

Mr Ball says it would be similar to the system used for traffic offences.

"Police will no longer have one hand tied behind their backs when dealing with these persistent and serious offenders, and they will avoid the 'catch and release' scenarios that currently frustrate them."

One or two Members' Bills are drawn from the ballot every second Wednesday Parliament sits, and go on the order paper for first readings. Whether they get any further usually depends on whether the Government supports them.

There are about 80 in the ballot box.