Paula Bennett was PM this week - did you notice?

Paula Bennett this week spent two days as Acting Prime Minister, but admits no one probably noticed a thing.

"I just kept it all calm, the country was fine," she told The AM Show on Friday, saying by the end of it she was "really ready" for Bill English to take back the reins.

But not before she swiped her way into his office to make a few changes.

"I did do a bit of decorating... put a few pictures up, moved a few things around."

She wasn't tempted to do anything more dramatic, lest the boss notice.

"Obviously I get the powers of the Prime Minister, but it's not like the old days when they went overseas they were gone for weeks and no one could get hold of them until they got to the hotel. These days, if you've got a problem you ring the Prime Minister."

Ms Bennett only became Deputy Prime Minister in December, but it's not the first time she's stepped into the top job. 

She took over for a day in October last year - then-Prime Minister John Key was in India, Mr English and Steven Joyce in Australia and Gerry Brownlee was in Paris.

The west Aucklander now outranks all of them, bar Mr English.