PM Bill English denies seeing a tweet sent from his own account

Prime Minister Bill English says he never saw a tweet sent from his own account about the superannuation debate - which was swiftly deleted.

The tweet on Sunday night read, "We're not here to shy away from the hard issues" and followed extensive debate at the weekend about whether the Government is considering raising the retirement age from 65.  

PM Bill English denies seeing a tweet sent from his own account

When pressed about it by The AM Show's Duncan Garner on Monday, Mr English said he never saw the tweet, but "whatever it was," it was posted by his staff and he trusts it was fine. 

Mr English insisted his priority was running the country rather than pushing plans 140 characters at a time. 

"I'm not monitoring it hour-by-hour. Sometimes my staff are dealing with that. But whatever it was, I think the issue here is around super, and we'll be talking about that soon," he says. 

The Prime Minister says quite simply, there's no way it could've been him. 

"I just don't have Twitter on my phone."

But he didn't have an answer about why it was later deleted. 

Mr English says National's superannuation policy will be discussed and decided upon "quite shortly," but it's already caused controversy at Parliament.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is refusing to work with a government that would lift the retirement age to 65, and the Māori Party is campaigning to have the age lowered to 60, to acknowledge a shorter life expectancy for Māori and Pasifika people.