Donald Trump is 'the real Jesus' - NZ-based Syrian refugee

Wellington-based Syrian Nizah Diab says Donald Trump's attack on a Syrian airfield has elevated him to God-like status among some Syrians.

"Now if I check my Facebook, all my friends they think about Trump like Jesus. Believe me it's amazing," Mr Diab told Newshub.

Mr Diab fled Syria two years ago after witnessing the massacre of 400 anti-Government protesters near his home.

A journalist and interior designer back in Syria, he now works as a barber on Cuba St and lives with his wife and children in the suburb of Strathmore.

He says many of his friends have switched from hating Donald Trump to worshipping him in the wake of the news of the attack.

"It's making me smile when I read this," he says.

"Even the non-believers in my group, they start praying, they've suddenly become believers."

He says many of his Facebook friends are praying for Mr Trump, wishing him a long life.

"Just yesterday they were talking about him by the worst words. In a few hours, everything changed."

Syrian people are desperate for any salvation, even if it comes from President Trump, Mr Diab says.

"If you are diving in the water and you need any help, you will catch anything possible right?

"So if anyone helps you, you will pray for him like he's a real God."

Mr Diab is now waiting to see what Mr Trump does next, and what his motives really are.

"What does Trump really think? Just to make a media bomb or something like that?

"Or he have a real project he want to do. This is the real question.

"We are watching with hope."


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