Easter trading laws a 'shambles'

Our new Easter trading laws have been labelled "a bit of a shambles" by Business New Zealand.

Twenty-five of the country's 67 councils voted to allow businesses to open on Easter Sunday.

"It's a bit Mickey Mouse, it looks a little bit unprofessional I guess if you're trying to present a premium experience for tourists, which is frankly what we are trying to do," Business New Zealand chief executive Kirk Hope told The AM Show on Tuesday.

The business advocacy group says a blanket law is needed across the country.

But Prime Minister Bill English says he doesn't think Parliament will go back on its decision.

"Parliament's happy with what it's done, which is to make that decision essentially a local one," he told The AM Show.

"It'll take a year or two I think for councils to sort out just what they and their communities want to do, and I'd imagine over the next year or two it'll become a bit less confusing and bit more predictable.

"I suppose it is [confusing] if you're getting around the country trying to find shops that are open and some places they are, but the law has only been in place for a short time.

"Councils need the opportunity to think it through with their community, some have already taken action, some haven't but over time I think that'll fix itself."