Gareth Morgan's Twitter attack on freedom campers

Gareth Morgan's Twitter attack on freedom campers

Sunday nights are meant to be relaxing, but Opportunities Party founder Gareth Morgan spent it causing a furore over freedom campers.

Dr Morgan started a tirade of tweets starting with a response to Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Paula Bennett declining to tax tourists further to help pay for infrastructure.

It was an idea put forward by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, the revenue from which would be shared among local government.

Ms Bennett wasn't in favour, saying they already pay tax via GST and doesn't want New Zealand "to be seen as a rip off".

That didn't sit well with Dr Morgan, who isn't a fan of freedom campers.

It led him to give his fingers a workout, saying the excuse of making New Zealand more expensive wasn't the point.

"It's nothing to do with cost, it's about crap people, crapping on us with contempt, bottom feeders & bleeders," he tweeted. 

"Proper policy response? Ban camping in public places if not in self-contained camper. Take their vehicle, deport a couple as example."

Some of his tweets have since been deleted.

But the responses to his seemingly off-the-cuff poo policy was met with a stream of replies, questions and support, many of which Dr Morgan replied to.