Green Party draft list: Chloe Swarbrick features 13th

Green Party Chloe Swarbrick
Chloe Swarbrick has been put in 13th place (Facebook / file)

Auckland mayoral candidate Chloe Swarbrick may have a serious shot at a seat in Parliament later this year, with the Green Party ranking her 13th on its list ahead of the election.

The party on Sunday released its draft list for September's general election, and the 22-year-old has been put in 13th place, one spot ahead of current MP Denise Roche.

The young politician has no qualms about bumping veteran candidates down the list, telling Newshub the party votes on its order.

"There was absolutely no guarantee of where I would end up, so I went in without any expectations, really," she says.

Ms Swarbrick came third in last year's Auckland mayoral election, despite running on a shoestring budget. She signed on with the Greens in November.

Whether she officially gets the 13th spot for the general election will now depend on whether the party's membership agrees with the proposed list when it votes in April. The final results will be released at the end of May.

Ms Swarbrick isn't the highest-ranking person in their early 20s on the list, with 24-year-old Jack McDonald placing ninth.

"With two candidates in their 20s in our top 20, we will be a very strong voice for young people," co-leader James Shaw says.

Ms Swarbrick says adding fresh faces to the mix shows the party is in it for the long haul.

"This was not any one individual behind a desk shuffling their papers and making a decision; this is the hive minds of the Greens making a decision about what we want our party to look like," she says.

NZN / Newshub.