Greens' list shows new rural focus - expert

John Hart, ranked 12th on the Greens' list (supplied)
John Hart, ranked 12th on the list (supplied)

A politics expert says the Green Party's draft list is a sign that they're ready to govern.

New talent - including Auckland mayoral candidate Chloe Swarbrick, human rights lawyer Golriz Gharaman and Wairarapa farmer John Hart - all feature in the top 15.

The University of Auckland humanities professor Victoria Woodman says after nearly two decades of opposition, the Greens want to get down to the business of governing:

"They must really be foaming at the mouth at the idea this could happen," she told Newshub.

"If they play their cards right, if the Labour Party play their cards right, this could be their most important shot at getting those policies through."

The Greens have 14 MPs in Parliament, and would return a similar number on current polling.

Prof Woodman says the Greens are trying to show that rural communities have nothing to fear if they're in Government.

"Farming communities, they haven't traditionally been a Green Party stronghold. This has been something that's been very much National Party domain in terms of voting."

TV personality Hayley Holt is likely to miss out on becoming an MP, at 29 on the list. Prof Woodman says the party's got the balance right however, by picking young but experienced campaigners.

"They're heading towards the right direction in terms of getting people like Chloe in - young people that we know are effective campaigners, that have a good public persona."

The full 46-strong list is:

  1. Metiria Turei
  2. James Shaw
  3. Julie Anne Genter
  4. Marama Davidson
  5. Eugenie Sage
  6. Jan Logie
  7. Gareth Hughes
  8. Mojo Mathers
  9. Jack McDonald 
  10. Barry Coates
  11. Kennedy Graham
  12. John Hart
  13. Chloe Swarbrick
  14. Denise Roche
  15. Golriz Ghahraman
  16. David Clendon
  17. Teanau Tuiono
  18. Leilani Tamu
  19. Teall Crossen
  20. Chris Perley
  21. Dr Elizabeth Kerekere
  22. Sam Taylor
  23. Matt Lawrey
  24. Susanne Ruthven
  25. Ricardo Menendez-March
  26. Richard Leckinger
  27. Thomas Nash
  28. Kate Fulton
  29. Hayley Holt
  30. Ash Holwell
  31. Tane Woodle
  32. Julie Zhu
  33. Robin McCandless
  34. Stefan Grand-Meyer
  35. Jo Wrigley
  36. Dora Langsbury
  37. Niki Bould
  38. Scott Summerfield
  39. Richard Wesley
  40. Rochelle Surendran
  41. Bridget Walsh
  42. Shane Gallagher
  43. Rachael Goldsmith
  44. Guy Hunt
  45. James Goodhue
  46. Patrick Wall