Pike River families will 'never go away'

Pike River families blockade the road to the mine (file)
Pike River families blockade the road to the mine (file)

The families of the Pike River victims are sending a message to the Prime Minister that they'll never give up on efforts to force a re-entry of the mine.

Anna Osborne says Bill English has gone back on his word and is stalling on re-entry until after the election, despite an earlier assurance to the families.

"What they're doing is dragging it out and hoping that after the election they've got another three years, if they get in, to try and appease the families again," she told Newshub.

"But what Bill English has to know, and what we want to make clear to him, is we will never go away."

Twenty-nine men were killed in the disaster six years ago, including Ms Osborne's husband Milton.

The families thought they'd struck a deal after Mr English took over from John Key, but Sonya Rockhouse says he's now stalling.

"It's very disappointing. This could have been the time for Bill English to stand up and be counted. He makes it look like he is giving us something, but he's not giving us anything."

Ms Rockhouse lost her son Benjamin in the disaster.

"Imagine how bad it would look if they found something in the drift - bodies, crucial evidence. It wouldn't be a good look for the Government."

When Mr English took over as Prime Minister, he promised the families they'd go back into the mine using modern technology.

But Ms Osborne says the Government won't commit to a date.

"We feel like we've been let down, we've been led up the garden path. We're at a stalemate again. Bill English owes us at least getting into the drift."