Australian Labor party slammed for 'racist' ad

  • 08/05/2017
The advert screened on Sunday night (Channel 9)
The advert screened on Sunday night (Channel 9)

Australia's Labor party has been criticised for its 'Australia First' ad campaign, made up of almost entirely white people, which calls on businesses to "employ Australia first".

Elaine Pearson, Director of Australia's Human Rights Watch, called it a "horrible campaign".

"Only white Australians? Where's the diversity?" she asked.

South Australia Senator (Australian Greens) Sarah Hanson-Young called the campaign "as subtle as a sledgehammer."

"Honestly, what are Labor thinking? This is awful, just awful."

The party's leader Bill Shorten was also given plenty of heat on Twitter.

"Getting a pretty clear message from this on how you feel about me and my fellow migrants," Ketan Joshi said.

"You're a disgrace…You should apologise and resign for this racist bullshit. Disgusting," Shane Bazzi said.

Mr Shorten has called the criticism "fair cop" after he initially called claims that it was racist "rubbish".

He says the lack of diversity in the campaign is "a bad oversight that won't happen again".

"I've had a look at the final production and I think we should have had more diversity in it and I will speak to the Labor Party about that," he told reporters in Canberra.

(Channel 9)
(Channel 9)

But the heat isn't over yet, with some critics on Twitter taking down the campaign message itself.

"The slogan 'Employ Australians First' is arguably worse. There are thousands of hard-working temporary and permanent residents who pay taxes," Ben Williams said to Mr Shorten.

"Consider: diversity wouldn't be something to think about/overlook if you were actually diverse," Monica Quirk said.