Bill English bags Donald Trump's chaotic White House

The Prime Minister has made by far his strongest criticisms of President Donald Trump yet.

Bill English has told Three's The Nation that he's "concerned" by the chaos at the White House and it needs to "focus" or it could be bad for global security and the world economy.

"Look, from our point of view it makes it hard for the US administration to focus on getting its economic growth going and providing stability in the region," says Mr English.

"In the long run, it's a critical part of the US' role to pull along the world economy and regional stability so it would be better if they could focus on these issues... The impact of what's happening in the US could get concerning if the US economy loses confidence or they are distracted."

Mr English used careful language but was clearly implying he thinks things aren't good when it comes to Mr Trump - giving a narrow answer as to whether he trusts him.

"We trust him as the elected president to work out his domestic politics. People have all sorts of views on his judgments."

One such "judgement" includes President Trump passing another country's intelligence to Russia. Mr English says it isn't realistic to expect the same thing to happen with information gathered by Kiwi spies under the Five Eyes network.

"I can't imagine there's going to be intelligence that is, you know, precisely that relevant that it's going to end up on the President's desk in some way that he can misuse it or whatever."

The Prime Minister has been on the international stage in Japan and Hong Kong this week, and says Kiwis are talking too much about Mr Trump.

"There's a whole lot of politics going on there in the US we don't focus on it hour by hour."

Although if Mr Trump wanted to come New Zealand, Mr English says he'd be welcome.

"We would welcome him here. A lot of New Zealanders, I presume, don't support Trump but we don't let that get in the way of long-standing politics."