Budget 2017: Has Auckland been shortchanged?

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says there's a glaring omission in Finance Minister Steven Joyce's Budget: there's nothing new for Auckland.

The Budget is delivering nearly half a billion dollars for the new City Rail link but Mr Goff says that's not good enough.

"Auckland is paying well over its share of taxes in this country," he told Newshub.

"Auckland is the place where the kids from some of the provincial areas will come to live because it creates scale and opportunity.

"If they don't stop in Auckland, they'll just keep going to Sydney, London, Brisbane, Los Angeles."

The city is home to a third of the country's population and it's struggling with a housing crisis and traffic turmoil.

Mr Goff says those are the key priorities for Auckland.

"Unfortunately this Budget doesn't really address those problems. It's disappointing because with a growing surplus, I think we could've done much more."

The Budget sees $436 million allocated to Auckland's city rail link, as well as more money towards the Western Ring Route and the Northern and Southern Corridor of SH1 in the city.