Gareth Morgan puff puff passes on his cannabis reform policy

The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan has appeared on Three's The Project to discuss his cannabis reform policy.

Mr Morgan said 40 percent of the adult population had broken the law by smoking cannabis.

"Does that sound like sensible law to you?" he asked.

Mr Morgan said his policy was intended to "decrease harm" from marijuana usage, and move supply out of the hands of the "criminal underworld".

He says that criminals are making over $150 million a year because of cannabis prohibition, and being in touch with the criminal underworld is "serious stuff".

Instead, Mr Morgan wants to regulate the supply of cannabis and keep the price where it is now so demand doesn't rise.

Producers would be licenced to the government, the potency would be controlled by the government, a tax would be set by the government, and cannabis would be distributed through licenced cannabis shops.

He would use the $150 million a year in revenue the government would get from taxing cannabis to educate people about the "harm it does to young underdeveloped brains".

And homegrowers? They'd by allowed "a couple of plants".

The Project host Jesse Mulligan asked the audience of young voters whether they supported Mr Morgan's ideas.

The result? A loud round of applause.