Increase in Chinese support for New Zealand First - survey


There is a trend of increasing support for New Zealand First among Chinese voters, a recent survey has found.

While three quarters of ethnic Chinese voters would vote National if an election was held tomorrow, the biggest rise in support is for NZ First.

The WTV-Trace poll was backed by Chinese media company World TV, and results have been published in the New Zealand Herald

Eligible voters (1250) and non-eligible voters (179) were surveyed, and asked who they'd vote for if there was an election tomorrow as well as who they voted for in the 2014 election.

Nearly five percent (4.7 percent) said they would vote for New Zealand First if there was an election tomorrow (up 3.6 percent), while 73.5 percent would vote National (down 0.6 percent).

Labour was on 15.8 percent (up 1.8), Act on 3.6 percent (down 2.1), and the Green Party on 2 percent (down 0.4).