Mark Sainsbury: Prisoner's shouldn't donate sperm - we don't need any more kids with dads in jail

OPINION: When you go to jail you sacrifice many of the rights we enjoy, and from my viewpoint fathering kids is part of what you give up.

So I don't think much of this petition to Parliament asking for prisoners to be able to father children from behind bars.

To save your blood pressure let me explain right now: it would not be fathering children in the traditional way. There will be no horizontal folk dancing taking place under this proposal.

It is asking that prisoner be able to donate semen for artificial insemination.

Yeah right, let's get a few more kids out there with dads in jail, that's a great start to life.

At times I wonder why on earth people are sent to prison. Is it for punishment, rehabilitation, or is it a deterrent? I don't have much faith in the last two, given the appalling recidivism rate in this country.

We've all heard the rhetoric: prisoners have it too soft - they have colour TVs, three square meals a day – it's better being in than out.

I would suggest that particular view comes from those who have never spent any time in a prison.

And why would you want to? Prison is supposed to be a place where your freedoms are restricted, because there is a price to pay for your crimes.

So prisoners shouldn't be fathering kids. But the other part to the petition wants prisoners to be able to donate blood or organs.

Now this is an aspect I do agree with. We have a chronic shortage of organ donors and blood is always needed, so why not utilise the prisoners if they are willing to do so?

If one had an organ that could save your child's life you'd accept it, wouldn't you?

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