'Oh shivers': Paula Bennett's freak-out atop rail simulator

While Bill English is out for a run-walk, Paula Bennett is also out and about showcasing her hands-on Kiwi nature.

But sitting on a rail cart experience simulator almost proved too much for the Tourism Minister.

"This is so potentially gonna go wrong," she can be heard saying as she gets on to the immobile cart, clearly not dressed for such adventure.

"I'm in a dress, you know high heels, handbag... oh shivers!"

"You can forget that Prime Minister's jolly walk-run, walk-run thing. This is me."

It should have been no trouble for the adrenaline-fuelled MP, who posted a video of herself shooting a machine gun while on a private overseas trip last month.

Ms Bennett is at the annual tourism conference, TRENZ, where national and international companies meet to showcase their products.