Patrick Gower: The Donald makes Five Eyes 'Six Eyes'

OPINION: Donald Trump's loose use of intelligence shows the Five Eyes spying alliance is now "Six Eyes".

If President Trump can share another country's intelligence with Russia then he can surely share anything New Zealand's spies give him with whoever he wants too.

It is a real worry: Trump is now a "Sixth Eye" - and a loose one at that.

Hypothetically, New Zealand spies could get something on Chinese cyber-hacking and pass it to the Five Eyes alliance.

Then Trump could leak that to another country, saying "New Zealand found this out about China" - leaving us in a really awkward position with China.

Privately, the spies and diplomats from all the Five Eyes countries will be hating the way their precious alliance is in threat of being breached.

But publicly Prime Minister Bill English is saying Trump's leaking is of no concern. Australia's Malcolm Turnbull is the same and no doubt so will the leaders of other Five Eyes members Canada and the United Kingdom.

That's because English does not want to call out Trump on anything.

He doesn't want to upset America - and is happy to look a bit weak to people at home.

English just wants Trump to go away - until after the election at least.

Patrick Gower is Newshub's political editor.

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