Winston Peters pledges to take action on ChristChurch Cathedral rebuild

Ruins of the Christchurch Cathedral
Winston Peters has promised to take action on rebuilding the cathedral (File)

In a speech at Cathedral Square in Christchurch on Sunday, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has pledged to take action on rebuilding the cathedral.

He told a crowd of hundreds that he will be getting started after the election, if no action is taken before then.

"The Government has the ball in its hands… it has been sitting there for a long time," Mr Peters said.

"It's time to play ball."

Earlier this month Bishop Victoria Mathews announced the decision over the cathedral's future will no longer be in the hands of the Church Property Trustees.

Members of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch's Synod will make the decision in September.

Mr Peters slated the Anglican Church for their delayed action on making a decision on restoration. 

"It has been six years. We know the cathedral is legally owned by the Anglican Church. So, some heat must go there for its inability to resolve its own problem," he said. 

Mr Peters quoted a report on the tax take from the Christchurch rebuild so far, saying it currently sits between $7 billion and $11 billion, which he called a "bonanza from your catastrophe". 

"Don't you think you should get some of it back?" he asked the crowd.  

He finished the speech by telling listeners that their "waiting is over".