Bill English joins Snapchat

Bill English shared his first video from the National Party conference.
Bill English shared his first video from the National Party conference. Photo credit: Snapchat / pmbillenglish

Prime Minister Bill English is upping his social media game in the build-up to this year's general election.

In his latest move, Mr English has joined Snapchat, which could be the perfect platform to share his spaghetti pizzas or run-walks.

Snapchat is a social media platform that's very popular with millennials, allowing users to send 10-second pictures or videos that expire afterwards. It also allows users to send 10-second "stories", which expire after 24 hours.

Snapchat has recently upgraded to allow users to apply filters to their face, notably the dog filter, which gives the user ears and a nose.

Mr English has already shared his first "story", opting for #nofilter and welcoming viewers to his account.

"Hello, great to be here on Snapchat at the National Party conference with the Young Nats," he says in the 10-second video. "This is where the action is going to be for the next three months of political campaigning."

Unlike many high-profile Snapchatters, the Prime Minister hasn't blocked direct Snapchats back to his account. This means anybody on his accepted friends list can send him a direct picture or video.

He's even created his own "Bitmoji", a personalised icon designed to resemble the user. It can be used to make custom stickers to decorate snaps.

You can add Mr English by his username, pmbillenglish.