Goff-roading Mayor hits Grey Lynn pump track

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff had a busy week last week. There was his first council Budget with the introduction of a 'bed tax' and the opening of the new Grey Lynn cycleway, but it didn't stop the Mayor donning his helmet and hitting the Grey Lynn pump track.

Mr Goff, who has been a motorbiker since his teens and now cruises on a Triumph, jumped on a mountain bike in his suit and hooned the course with a bunch of kids in pursuit.

In video footage of the event it appears Mr Goff was being careful though, as he rolls steadily over the track's bumps with a throng of youths on bikes builds up behind him.

He did not do any sweet jumps, but nonetheless earned the praise of the young bikers.

The pump track - a series of paths with hills, twists and turns to do tricks on - is a new addition to Grey Lynn. Also newly added is the Greenway cycle route that opened on Friday.

Cycling is growing in popularity among commuters, as the city's traffic congestion worsens. Mr Goff and Auckland Council have been negotiating with central Government to fix the traffic problem with measures like congestion charges.