Harbour will have to wait: Nicky Wagner's job is safe

Sorry, Nicky Wagner, you won't be getting out on the harbour anytime soon - your boss doesn't think your controversial tweet was worth sacking you over.

On Thursday Ms Wagner tweeted she'd "rather be out on the harbour" than attending "disability meetings".

Ms Wagner is Minister for Disabilities, and after Newshub reported on the tweet on Sunday, Labour and the Greens called for her resignation.

But that won't be happening. Prime Minister Bill English told The AM Show on Monday it was just "Twittersphere outrage" and no one in the disabilities community would have taken offence.

"Those people who would be following Nicky Wagner related to her disability functions probably took it as Nicky's kind of humour, I don't know," Mr English said.

Asked if he had confidence in her ability to do the job - considering many on Twitter pointed out because of their disabilities, they are unable to enjoy the kinds of activities that take place on the harbour - Mr English said he did.

"There may be a few people in the Twittersphere who don't, but they don't have confidence in much. But the disability sector does, and I do."

He wasn't aware of the controversial tweet until Sunday morning, while he was at the opening of Auckland's Waterview Tunnel.

"The Waterview Tunnel is going to make more difference, and the thousands of people who turned up to that tunnel know that it means more than this little Twittersphere outrage."

Despite the dismissal of this particular incident, Mr English says it's important that politicians realise times have changed.

"As long as you're out of your house, you're on live video - that's how you need to behave. It does require much more discipline than used to be the case with politicians."

Ms Wagner herself later claimed she meant everyone present would rather have been meeting out on the harbour, than in an office.