Jacinda Ardern predicts Jeremy Corbyn-sized 'shift' in polls

Jacinda Ardern has poured cold water on suggestions she try and roll leader Andrew Little.

"Never - he's doing a great job," the deputy told The AM Show on Friday morning.

"He's working really hard. I predict we are going to see a shift."

Labour needs a Jeremy Corbyn-sized shift desperately if it's to form the next Government. It's hit a new low of 26.4 percent in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

Jacinda Ardern predicts Jeremy Corbyn-sized 'shift' in polls

Mr Little is down in the preferred Prime Minister stakes too, dropping to 7 percent.

"I always take a poll with a grain of salt, because you can have them bounce all over the shop," says Ms Ardern.

That's reflected in her own fall as preferred Prime Minister, falling beneath Mr Little to 6.6 percent.

"We know we've got work to do, but we've also got 100 days until the election."

Jacinda Ardern predicts Jeremy Corbyn-sized 'shift' in polls

One hundred days out from the UK election, Mr Corbyn was in the doldrums - his Labour Party polling around 26 percent, remarkably close to Mr Little's.

They stormed back to score 41 percent of the vote - if Mr Little's Labour pulled that off, they'd almost certainly be able to form a Government with the Green Party and leave Winston Peters out in the cold.

"It wouldn't take much to turn that ship around, and we're gonna be working really hard to do that," says Ms Ardern.

"I think it's a great poll, obviously," said Acting Prime Minister Paula Bennett, also on The AM Show. 

"In an MMP environment it changes. Even though we're polling above where we actually got to last election, it's still sort of one seat in there. So we're going to keep working hard."

Ms Bennett is confident however if Labour sticks with Mr Little through to election day, National will win a historic fourth term.

"Leave him there - he's great."