New US ambassador shares greeting to New Zealand

Incoming United States ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown has introduced himself ahead of his arrival in a new video.

US President Donald Trump appointed Mr Brown, a former Massachussetts senator and nude model. 

He'll also serve as the ambassador to Samoa.

Mr Brown says there was a lot of family turmoil during his upbringing and he lived in countless houses after his parents divorced.

He is frank about his past, saying there were "drunken step-fathers, a lot of physical abuse in the family. I had to come and rescue mom and my sister a lot and I really think that's what made me who I am today".

The ambassador says he knows what it feels like to be the underdog, "you know mom was on welfare, I remember getting those blocks of cheese, I understand mom was working two or three jobs to put a roof over our heads and try to keep us safe, I understand what it was like, the value of a dollar, I don't care if it's an American dollar or a New Zealand dollar, a dollar's a dollar and you know I try to you know be frugal but also enjoy life."

He's into records, playing guitar, biking and triathlons.

Part of his house is known as "Daddy's corner", he explains during the video tour:

"This is what everyone or I call my corner, Daddy's corner, got my old records, probably a hundred and some records, with a turntable, with a needle, and then my guitars, I play a lot of guitar to kind of relax, I've learned to how to play and enjoy to play very much."

He's keen to get amongst the triathlon circuits in New Zealand.

"I'm psyched to come and try to race against all you great triathletes. One thing I have known for quite a long time is the amazing triathlon circuit and I'm an age-grouper, I'm an 57-59. I've been racing for like 25 years and so I'm looking forward to bringing the bad boy and like 5000 wheels".

Mr Brown is keen to talk security, business, trade, and culture while serving in his role.

"My job as an Ambassador obviously is to help US citizens who are coming to your countries, that's an important part of what I do, but also I believe an important part is to establish and improve relations between our country and your countries and that being said, helping stimulate trade, working on visas and making sure that there's a free passageway between our two countries, our three countries, and making sure that we can do anything and everything for New Zealand and Samoa to stimulate business and trade opportunities."

He's moving over with his wife of 30 years Gail Brown.

Ms Brown says she's been told that New Zealand is "supposed to be the friendliest country in the world" and also "the most beautiful place in the world".

The Browns will be primarily based out of Auckland and Wellington, and will spend time across the country and in Samoa.

They have two daughters, Ayla who is a country singer in Nashville and Arianna who is studying at veterinary school.

Mr Brown is against gay marriage but favours civil unions, is a contributor to the Fox News Channel, and supported Mr Trump in his presidential campaign.

President Obama-appointed Ambassador Mark Gilbert was recalled to the US following Mr Trump's win in November.

Mr Brown says "I'm very thankful to President Trump in bestowing me this honor and obviously I've got very big shoes to fill."