Newshub's Patrick Gower: New Zealand's 2017 election explained

We've seen Brexit, we've seen the election of Donald Trump - and now it's New Zealand's turn.

We've actually got the power to decide who's running our country. But should we use it - and how?

September 23 is the big day, when we get to decide who's in for the next three years.

Newshub intern turned freshly-minted reporter Mitchell Alexander and Political Editor Patrick Gower have teamed up in the first episode of Ticked Off to walk you through what the big deal is with our election this year, and what to expect.

Ticked Off comes from the idea of ticking the box when you vote in September.

But it also represents that there are a lot of issues that impact on Kiwis that really tick them off.

And we hope to tick some of those topics off so people can understand them.

Watch the video.